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01 First Movement: Birth of Liquid Plejades 20.00
02 Second Movement: Nebulous Dawn 18.00
03 Third Movement: Origin of Supernatural Probabilities 20.12
04 Fourth Movement: Zeit 17.43

Recorded in (year):



  Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Peter Baumann

Record Label:

  Relativity (double CD), Castle Communications/Essential (single CD)

Catalogue Number:

  88561-8070-2 (double CD), ESM CD 347 (single CD)


  Studio album. Avoid the first release on a single CD (pictured below left, released in 1986, Jive Electro, catalogue no. C TANG 3), because the title track was shortened to fit onto one CD. Look out for the Relativity double CD (released in 1987, catalogue no. 88561-8070-2) with original sleeve artwork (pictured below right), which contains all of the material on the original album. The Castle/Essential reissue (pictured above, released in 1996) is good quality too (it was remastered and has original artwork), but unfortunately all the tracks were shortened to fit onto one CD. Also reissued in the USA by Castle/Sequel in 1996 (catalogue no. 1034-2), but again only as a single CD as the Castle/Essential reissue. Re-released yet again as a single CD in 1999 in the USA by Castle (catalogue no. CMACD 555).

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