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01 Stoneyard 6.08
02 Silver Siren 4.40
03 Beauty of the Blast 3.55
04 Dream Sculpture 5.27
05 Last Trumpet on 23rd Street 4.29
06 Art of Destruction 7.32
07 Forced to Surrender 4.32
08 TimeSquare (The Legendary N.Y. BrixMix) * 9.46
09 Jungle Journey (The Bond of Ages Mix) ** 6.16

Recorded in (year):



  Edgar Froese, Jerome Froese

Record Label:

  TDI Music

Catalogue Number:

  TDI CD015



Film soundtrack. Re-released in the USA on 12 Oct 1999 by Miramar under the title 'What a Blast (Architecture in Motion)', catalogue no. 09006-23144-2, without track 01 listed above, and with a different sleeve (pictured below). * A different mix of the track on the album 'TimeSquare-Dream Mixes II'. ** A different mix of the track on the album 'Dream Mixes'.

Four different versions of the film have been released on VHS video:

1. Detonation Countdown - UPX70304 - 35 minutes

2. Demolition Artist - UPX70305 - 46 minutes

3. Architecture in Motion - UPX70306 - 42 minutes

4. For Kids! - UPX70307 - 32 minutes

See bottom of page for images of one of the VHS covers as well as the DVD version (which contains all of the material on the 4 VHS videos listed above).

Other sleeves used for this album:

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DVD: Unapix Video (catalogue no. UPX 72020):

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