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01 Pictures at an Exhibition * ** *** 3.01
02 Firetongues 6.32
03 Galley Slave's Horizon **** 7.47
04 Death of a Nightingale 5.30
05 Twilight Brigade 9.45
06 Jungle Journey 6.34
07 Midwinter Night 4.38
08 Turn of the Tides **** 7.40
09 Story of the Brave ***** 5.17

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  Edgar Froese, Jerome Froese, Linda Spa, Zlatco Perica

Record Label:

  TDI Music

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  Studio album. The CD was first released on Virgin (catalogue no. 839454 2) in 1994, then released in the USA and worldwide by Miramar only a few days later (catalogue no. MPCD 2806). Re-released in 1995 in the UK by Coast to Coast/Zabo Music (catalogue no. CTCZ 108) with the bonus track 'Story of the Brave', which had been previously available on the CD single only. Re-released in 1997 on TDI Music International, catalogue no. TDI003CD (pictured above), also with the bonus track 'Story of the Brave'. Re-released again on 28 Sep 1999 on TDI with a new cover (catalogue no. TD CD019, pictured below) and with the bonus track (which is not marked on the cover!).
* Horns by Vienna Horn Ensemble.
** Trumpet by Roland Braunstein.
*** Orchestration by M. Ravel.
**** Backing vocals by Jayney Klimek and Julie Ocean.
***** Bonus track which only appears on the TDI and Coast to Coast album releases, the CD single and the compilation album 'Dream Encores'.

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