1997 version:

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1999 version:

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01 Puer Natus est Nobis (Gloria Theme) 3.06
02 Ancient Powerplant 4.25
03 The Silver Seal 3.04
04 Voices From a Common Land 4.04
05 Arx Allemand 4.20
06 The Night In Romania 3.12
07 Canzone 2.48
08 Sign in the Dark 4.16
09 Wierd Village 3.20
10 Love and Destiny 3.28
11 The Challenger's Arrival 4.29
12 Supernatural Accomplice 4.04
13 Parallel Worlds 4.26
14 Truth and Fiction 2.49
15 Wardays Sunrise 3.17
16 Heritage Survival 4.12

Recorded in (year):

  1983 (re-mixed and released in 1997)


  Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Johannes Schmoelling

Record Label:

  TDI Music

Catalogue Number:

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  Film soundtrack. This album is definately the rarest and most sought-after recording among collectors, and changes hands for very high prices. Due to contractual difficulties at Virgin this album was never officially released despite a brief announcement in Virgin record catalogues in 1984. It was only in 1997 that 150 copies appeared (official total, but in reality probably more), sold at their British concerts in autumn 1997, but much of the music has been remixed and modernised so it probably bears little resemblance to what the original 1984 album would have sounded like had it been released. No worldwide release is planned in the forseeable future. The album pictured below left contains cover versions only, performed by a group called 'The Fantasy Merchants', and also includes music from other Tangerine Dream albums (see below for track details). The 'official' version was re-released by TDI in November 1999, but only as a limited edition of 300 (and for a limited time, it was withdrawn from sale on the TDI web site on 30 December 2000) in a package entitled 'Special Millennium Xmas Collectors Pack' (more commonly known as 'The Millennium Booster'), which includes this album (with a different cover shown above, no catalogue number because it is not a regular store issue), 'Great Wall of China', the 'Sony Centre Topping Out Ceremony Score', a 'Great Wall of China' t-shirt and an autographed colour poster advertising the 'Mars Polaris' album. The first copies sold also had a thank you letter from TDI which was replaced in later copies with an autographed postcard of Edgar & Jerome and the last few copies had a 'Ground Liftaz' promotional postcard instead. The 1999 re-release contains identical music to the 1997 release. 100 more copies of the 1999 re-release were available at the Astoria Theatre London concert on 15th February 2003. It is unknown at the time of writing if any of these copies were autographed backstage at the concert, up to this date only one copy had ever been autographed, by Edgar Froese.

Other associated releases:

Fantasy Merchants CD:

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Note: This is an album of cover versions by a group called 'The Fantasy Merchants', so none of the tracks are played by Tangerine Dream, but it is an official release.

Track listing:

From 'The Keep':

01 The Keep (Main Title) 4.47
02 Glaecken's Quest 4.25
03 Brothers in Death 8.15
04 Fisherman's Morning 3.37
05 Evil Healing 4.54
06 Gloria 3.15

From 'Firestarter':

07 Crystal Voice 3.15
08 Burning Force 4.28

From 'Heartbreakers':

09 Heartbreakers 2.34
10 Twilight Painter 4.15

From 'Near Dark':

11 Caleb's Blues 3.09

From 'Sorcerer':

12 Medley: Search / The Call / Grind / The Mountain Road 9.40

From 'Risky Business':

13 Love on a Real Train 3.28