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01 Rumpelstiltskin Story * 22.00
02 Rumpelstiltskin Theme 2.55
03 Alchemy of Straw 2.54
04 Rumpel Town 4.19
05 The Countryside 2.22
06 A Walk Through the Woods 4.35
07 Dance on the Hill 3.19
08 A Mother's Triumph 2.22

Recorded in (year):



  Edgar Froese, Jerome Froese

Record Label:

  Rabbit Ears

Catalogue Number:

  R2 70458

The story:

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  Children's story. Dialogue dubbed over the first track, which is a montage of tracks 2 to 8, but not identical. Tracks 2 to 8 do not contain dialogue. Pictured above is the 'long box' version. Also released in the USA (catalogue no. RCE 74041 70770 2, pictured bottom left of the page). Also released as a VHS video, pictured below left (Rabbit Ears, catalogue no. 10269). Also released in Japan with a different cover by Rabbit Ears (catalogue no. VACR-1005, pictured below right). The cover of the book is pictured bottom right.
* Told by Kathleen Turner.

VHS Video:

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 CD (Rabbit Ears,VACR-1005)

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The Book:

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