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01 Jungle Journey (Reptile Mix) 6.20
02 Towards the Evening Star * 6.16
03 Rough Embrace 5.30
04 Catwalk (Black Ink Mix) 8.12
05 Touchwood (The Forest Mix) ** 4.02
06 Change of the Gods 7.19
07 Bride in Cold Tears (The Motown Monk Mix) 5.31
08 Little Blonde in the Park of Attractions (The Thai Dub) *** 4.09
09 Firetongues (The Break Freak Mix) 6.18
10 Sojus 9.19
11 Flashflood 7.01
12 Midwinter Night 4.36

Recorded in (year):

  1994-1997 (released in 1998)


  Various (see individual albums)

Record Label:

  Sony Music Entertainment SMV/Odyssey

Catalogue Number:

  LV 49924 (CD & VHS video), ISBN 1-57330-696-7
LVD 49484-S1 (CD & DVD), ISBN 1-57330-981-8


  Compilation. Contains no new material unavailable elsewhere. First released as a VHS format video with a CD by Odyssey Productions (pictured above and below left), more details at the following URL: Also released in DVD format in 1998 by Sony Music Entertainment, catalogue no. SMV LVD 49484 (DVD & CD), pictured below right. Also released on laserdisc (pictured bottom right). Tracks taken from The Dream Mixes (2 CD), Goblins Club, Oasis and Turn of the Tides (in order of appearance on the CD). The tracks on the video have been renamed by Joichiro Kawaguchi (responsible for the computer animations), but are very similar to those on the CD, although the order and running times differ. The images were first used as a backdrop during Tangerine Dream's British tour in 1997. The DVD contains an exclusive interview with Tangerine Dream and a film chronology of Joichiro Kawaguchi.
* The running time is stated as being 6.21 on the CD, but it is in fact 6.16, exactly the same as the track on 'Goblins Club')
** Incorrectly titled, in fact this is 'Touchwood (Radio Edit)' from 'The Dream Mixes'. *** Incorrectly titled, in fact this is 'Little Blonde in the Park of Attractions (Radio Edit)' from 'The Dream Mixes'.

VHS Video:

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01 The Conception
02 Sea Dance
03 Expotential Growth
04 Hyperkinetic
05 Perpetual Fusion
06 Focal Point
07 Spherical
08 Liquid Life
09 Morphological Inception
10 Exoctia
11 Artificial Life Trip


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