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This box set contains the following CDs:
Ambient Monkeys
Atlantic Bridges
Atlantic Walls
Ça Va-Ça Marche-Ça Ira Encore
Dream Encores
The Dream Mixes (Double CD)
TimeSquare-Dream Mixes II
The Hollywood Years Vol. 1
The Hollywood Years Vol. 2

Recorded in (year):

  Exact details unknown (released in 1998)


  Various (see individual albums)

Record Label:

  TDI Music

Catalogue Number:



  Compilation. A 13 CD box set, including of all the TDI releases up to to 1998, as well as an extra CD 'Ça Va-Ça Marche-Ça Ira Encore' (subtitled 'Bonus Silver') which is only available with this set. See individual pages for details. It is interesting to note that one particular track appears twice in this box set, namely 'Catwalk' (Dress-up Mix), which appears on both 'The Dream Mixes' (Disc 1) and 'Dream Encores'.

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