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01 Little Blond in the Park of Attractions (The Thai Dub) 7.17
02 Rough Embrace 5.30
03 Touchwood (The Forest Mix) 7.00
04 Jungle Journey (Reptile Mix) 6.20
05 Virtually Fields 6.50
06 Firetongues (The Break Freak Mix) 6.18
07 San Rocco 7.17
08 Catwalk (Dress-up Mix) 7.49
09 Change of the Gods 7.19
10 Bride in Cold Tears (The Motown Monk Mix) 5.31
11 Touchwood (Radio Edit) * 4.02
12 Little Blond in the Park of Attractions (Radio Edit) * 4.09
13 Catwalk (Black Ink Mix) * 8.12
14 Touchwood (Poison Byte Mix) * 7.54
15 Iowa * 7.10
16 Sojus * 9.19

Recorded in (year):



  Edgar Froese, Jerome Froese

Record Label:

  TDI Music

Catalogue Number:

  TDI001CD (double CD)


  Studio album. First released in 1995 by Miramar as a single CD only (catalogue no. 09006-23073-2, pictured below left). Then released by TDI International in 1996 as a double CD with a different sleeve (see above for catalogue no and sleeve image), containing a second CD of different tracks (the first CD is identical to the Miramar release). Re-released by TDI in 1998 in the 'Dream Dice' box set with a third different cover (catalogue no. TDI CD005, pictured below right), which was also sold separately. Also released on VHS video in 1996 by Castle Music Pictures, catalogue no. QLG 5001 (see bottom left of page for details), on DVD in the USA (catalogue no. ID 5500CADVD, pictured bottom right) and on a video CD in Asia only (Castle Music/Panorama, catalogue no. PMVCD-906077, see extreme bottom of page, some copies do not have 'Netrom' written diagonally across the cover).
* Tracks only available on the TDI release pictured above, and on the re-release pictured below right.

Other sleeves used for this album:

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VHS Video:

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Intro/"Logo" * 0.45
01 Bride in Cold Tears 5.30
02 Catwalk 7.50
03 Jungle Journey 6.20
04 Touchwood 8.30
05 Change of the Gods 7.20
06 Rough Embrace 5.30
07 Little Blond in the Park of Attractions 7.20
08 San Rocco 7.20
09 Sojus ** 6.10
Firetongues (The Break Freak Mix) *** 3.20
(the notes below apply only to the VHS video and the VCD, it is not known at the time of writing if the same mistakes and/or additions were made on the DVD):

* This track is not mentioned on the cover, but does appear on the video.
** This track is mentioned on the VHS video cover but not on the VCD cover; the music itself does not appear on either format.
*** This track is not mentioned on the cover but does appear on both formats, it is an excerpt from the CD used for the end credits.


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