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01 Journey Through a Burning Brain
02 Alpha Centauri
03 Birth of Liquid Plejades
04 Zeit
05 Fauni Gena
06 Wahn
07 Green Desert
08 Poland
09 Barbakane Part One (The Smuggler)
10 Barbakane Part Two (Downtown Yam)
(The Burning Yam?) *
11 Song of the Whale - From Dawn
12 Song of the Whale - To Dusk  
13 Alchemy of the Heart  
14 London Part One (The Dungeon Cry)  
15 London Part One (Rotten Row Patriot)  
16 Tyger (Jungle Mystery Song)  
17 Livemiles (The Albuquerque Concert)  
18 Gaudi Park  
19 Bois de Boulogne  
20 Le Parc  
21 Yellowstone Park  

Recorded in (year):

  1970-1987 (released in 1995)


  Various (see individual albums)

Record Label:

  Castle Communications

Catalogue Number:

  EDF CD 353 (double CD)


  Compilation. * Two different titles are shown on the sleeve. Note: All of these tracks are available on 'The Dream Roots Collection'.