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01 Genesis 5.57
02 Nebulous Dawn (excerpt) 6.15
03 Sunrise in the Third System 4.20
04 Atem (excerpt) 9.20
05 Circulation of Events 5.49
06 White Clouds 5.01
07 Indian Summer 6.53
08 Astral Voyager 7.03

Recorded in (year):

  1969-1973 (released in 1998)


  Various (see individual albums)

Record Label:

  Castle Communications

Catalogue Number:

  CCSCD 815 (single CD)


  Compilation. Contains tracks from Electronic Meditation, Alpha Centauri, Zeit, Atem and Green Desert. Completely different track listing to the first CD of 'Book of Dreams' and 'The Dream Roots Collection', both similar packages.