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01 Central Park (New York) 3.57
02 Tyger * 5.45
03 LiveMiles (Part II) (extract) 6.12
04 Dolphin Dance 5.05
05 Song of the Whale (Part One: From Dawn...) 8.20
06 Song of the Whale (Part Two: ...To Dusk) 10.25
07 Le Parc (L.A. Streethawk) 3.21
08 Yellowstone Park (Rocky Mountains) 6.12
09 Poland (extract) 11.02
10 Astral Voyager 7.07
11 Wahn 4.28
12 Sunrise in the Third System ** 4.21
13 Ashes to Ashes ** 4.06
14 Zeit (extract) ** 4.34

Recorded in (year):

  1970-1988 (released in 1989)


  Various (see individual albums)

Record Label:

  Jive Electro

Catalogue Number:

  CHIP 75


  Compilation of all of the albums that appeared on the Jive Electro label. Contains no new material unavailable elsewhere. Tracks taken from Electronic Meditation, Alpha Centauri, Zeit, Atem, Green Desert, Poland, Le Parc, Underwater Sunlight, Tyger and Live Miles. Some of the tracks are cut short. * Version from the Jive Electro album, not the remixed Relativity version. ** These tracks are on the LP and cassette versions, but not the single CD, for space reasons. Note: This CD contains identical music to the first CD of the 2 CD compilation 'The Story of Tangerine Dream'.