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01 Token from Birdland
02 Symphony in A-Minor
03 The Seventh Propeller of Silence
04 Calyx Calamander
05 Largo *
06 Riddle of the Monkey Tribe
07 Moon Marble
08 Concerto in A-Major, Adagio
09 Lemon Vendor Khaly
10 Campera de Mon Glyan
11 Virtue is its Own Reward
12 Pantha Rhei  
13 Myopia World  

Recorded in (year):



  Edgar Froese, Jerome Froese

Record Label:

  TDI Music

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  Studio album. Used as pre-concert background music on the 1997 European tour. Also released in the 'Dream Dice' box set with a different sleeve (catalogue no. TDI CD001, pictured below left), which was also available as an individual CD. Re-released by TDI in 1999 with another different sleeve (TDI CD001, pictured below right).
* This track only appeared on the original release (Cover and catalogue no. above).

Other sleeves used for this album:

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