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01 Invisible Lights * (by Inter-Maze) 7.49
02 Phaedra (by Surface 10) 9.08
03 Force Majeure (by Rey Project) 10.09
04 Mojave Plan (by Supersonic Project) 10.14
05 Exit (by Dean de Benedictis) 8.56
06 Dolphin Dance (by Rey) 5.13
07 Bent Cold Sidewalk (by Giez) 6.26
08 Horizon (by Augenstern) 3.08
09 Solar Cells (by Conrad Schnitzler **) 12.56

Recorded in (year):



  Various (see above)

Record Label:

  Hypnotic Records (US)

Catalogue Number:

  CLP 9723-2 (CD)


  Tribute album. All of the tracks are cover versions by other artists in an ambient style, so none of the music is played by Tangerine Dream themselves. A second volume was also released, see 'Tangerine Ambience II - A Tribute to Tangerine Dream'. * In fact a cover version of the track 'Invisible Limits' from the album 'Stratosfear'. ** A former member of Tangerine Dream, he appeared on the album 'Electronic Meditation'.