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01 Vermond Curry 6.22
02 Babe Soda 7.45
03 Serenely Confident 5.16
04 Vivid Scarlet Hue 5.58
05 Freeze Framez 5.50
06 Ground Clearance 5.28
07 Ethereal 77 - Oblivion 8.09
08 Ethereal 77 - Open Skiez 7.48

Recorded in (year):

  2000-2001 (released on CD in 2004)


  Jerome Froese aka TDJ Rome, Ulrich Schnauss aka Ethereal 77

Record Label:

  Ground Liftaz

Catalogue Number:



  1 CD. Compilation of the Ground Liftaz 12" vinyl singles GL001, GL002 and GL006, both A and B sides. None of these tracks had been previously available on CD. Made available for the first time at the 'Pergatorio' concert in London on 6th March 2004, then released worldwide the following week. There are two bonus tracks by Ulrich Schnauss aka Ethereal 77. The CD comes in cardboard packaging resembling a miniature vinyl sleeve. Cover photographs by Monika Froese (Jerome's mother).