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01 Catwalk * 7.21
02 Birdwatcher's Dream 6.52
03 Little Blonde in the Park of Attractions 6.57
04 Living in a Fountain Pen 6.59
05 Stratosfear 1995 5.08
06 Bride in Cold Tears 4.53
07 Haze of Fame 8.30
08 Tyranny of Beauty 6.35
09 Largo (from Xerxes) 4.12
10 Quasar ** 3.43

Recorded in (year):



  Edgar Froese, Jerome Froese, Linda Spa, Gerald Gradwool, Mark Hornby

Record Label:

  Miramar (US), TDI Music (UK)

Catalogue Number:

  09006 23046 2 (US), TDI002CD (UK)
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  Studio album. A Multimedia CD-I of 'Tyranny of Beauty' was released in June 1995, exclusively with the Italian magazine 'New Age Music and New Sounds'. This was not an official store release, but is mentioned here because it contains (along with various video clips including 'Melrose' and 'Stratosfear') three music tracks, one of which ('Catwalk') is a significantly extended and remixed version unavailable elsewhere (see below right for sleeve image and track details). A limited edition picture disc CD of the album was released by TDI in 1996 with very slightly different cover art, same catalogue number as the 1995 TDI (UK) release and including the bonus track 'Quasar'. Re-released on 28 Sep 1999 by TDI with a different sleeve (catalogue no. TDI CD020, pictured below left), including the track 'Quasar' (which is not marked on the cover!).
* An excerpt of this track (running time 3.51) appeared on a CDi released by the British magazine 'Future Music', issue 34, August 1995, catalogue no. FMCD 34 (pictured at the bottom of the page).
** This track did not appear on the 1994 Miramar (US) release or on the German release (Virgin, catalogue no. 8 40275 2), but does appear on all other album releases, the Multimedia CD-I and the promotional CD single.

1999 album re-release:

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The Italian Multimedia CD-I:

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The Italian Multimedia CD-I track listing (music only):

01 Catwalk-Special Version 15.14
02 Quasar 3.43
03 Rien * 0.06

* 'Rien' is French for 'nothing', and strangely enough, this is exactly what it is! 6 seconds of absolute silence! Despite this, it is credited as having been written by Edgar and Jerome.

Future Music CD:

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