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01 Tyger * *** 5.45
02 London *** 14.21
03 Alchemy of the Heart 12.23
04 Smile *** 6.09
05 21st Century Common Man (Parts 1 & 2) **** 8.50
06 Vigour ** 4.56

Recorded in (year):



  Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Paul Haslinger

Record Label:

  Jive Electro

Catalogue Number:

  CHIP 47
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  Studio album. Most of the tracks contain lyrics. Also released in 1987 by Carolyn Records (USA, catalogue no. CAROL CD 1341). Re-released in 1992 with a different cover (Relativity, catalogue no. 88561-1055-2, pictured below left) and with a re-mixed version of track 01 as well as a bonus track. Re-released in 1996 by Castle/Essential (UK/Europe, catalogue no. ESM CD 367) and by Castle/Sequel (USA, catalogue no. 1048-2), both with similar covers to the 1992 Relativity version pictured below left, but unfortunately the bonus track 'Vigour' is not included on either one.
* 'Tyger' remixed on 1992 Relativity (USA) release only.
** 'Vigour' appears on 1992 Relativity (USA) release only, but it is also available on two compilation albums: 'The Dream Roots Collection' and 'The Best of Tangerine Dream - The Blue Years'.
*** Vocals: Jocelyn Bernadette Smith.
**** Only available on the CD versions, does not appear on the vinyl or cassette formats.

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