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01 Flashflood * 7.49
02 220 Volt (Big Volt Version) 8.18
03 Firetongues 7.11
04 Girls on Broadway 5.07
05 Little Blonde in the Park of Attractions 7.40
06 Rising Haul in Silence 7.49
07 Lamb with Radar Eyes (Lost Lamb Version) 7.42
08 Touchwood 7.40
09 Towards the Evening Star 7.03

Recorded in (year):



  Edgar Froese, Jerome Froese, Zlatco Perica, Emil Hachfeld

Record Label:

  TDI Music

Catalogue Number:

  TDI 008CD


  Live album, recorded in Poland on April 23rd 1997. Available as an individual album, or in the 'Dream Dice' Box Set. Re-released by TDI in 1999 with a slightly different cover (catalogue no. TDI CD011, pictured below left). * There is an improvised percussion intro before this track, not mentioned on the sleeve (time: 3.41). All tracks are also available on the compilations High Voltage and Lamb with Radar Eyes. Also re-released in 2004 on the German label Membran (catalogue no. 222239-205, pictured below right)

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