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01 The Red Blood Connection 4.46
02 The Orange Breath 6.12
03 The Golden Heart (The Sun and the Golden Heart) 5.45
04 The Green Land 7.25
05 The Blue Pearl (The Long Distance Blue) * 14.05
06 The Indigo Clouds 7.04
07 The Purple of all Curtains (The Purple of the Last Curtain) 3.58

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  Edgar Froese, Jerome Froese

Record Label:


Catalogue Number:

  TDI CD029


  Studio album, released on September 1st 2000. The complete 'Tibetan Cycle' series. The track titles in brackets are different to the track names which appear on the inside cover of the sleeve (official quote from TDI: "The inner sleeve titles are wrong - this was a production error on the first pressing. The alternative titles were actually old working titles for the tracks - an older version of the inner sleeve was used by accident"). The significance of the track names, referring to all the colours of the rainbow in sequence, is explained on the inner sleeve of the CD. Track times are not stated on the cover, so are taken from the author's CD player.
* The latter part of this track previously appeared on the re-release version of the album Quinoa.