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01 Ça Va-Ça Marche-Ça Ira Encore
02 Velvet Sun
03 Tutankhama
04 Pixel Pirates
05 Stoneyard
06 TimeSquare
07 Beach Theme
08 Jungle Journey
09 Mothers of Rain  
10 Russian Soul  
11 Catwalk  
12 Meng Tian  
13 Mobocaster  
14 Flashflood *  
15 Towards the Evening Star  
16 Ulan Ude  
17 Outland  
18 Walking with a Mandarin  
19 Bride in Cold Tears  
20 Lifted Veil  
21 Spiral Star Date  
22 Too Hot for My Chinchilla  
23 Little Blond in the Park of Attractions  
24 Three Bikes in the Sky  

Recorded in (year):

  1988-2000 (released Feb 2000)


  Various (see individual albums)

Record Label:


Catalogue Number:

  TDI CD026 (double CD)


  Sub-titled 'The TDI Catalogue Vol. One'. A 2 CD compilation album of tracks from the following albums/singles (in order of appearance on this album): 'Ça Va-Ça Marche-Ça Ira Encore' (Dream Dice Bonus Silver) (1998), 'The Hollywood Years Vol. 2' (1998), 'TimeSquare - Dream Mixes II' (1997), 'What a Blast/Architecture in Motion' (1999), 'Valentine Wheels' (1997), 'Optical Race' (1988), 'Transsiberia' (1998), 'Tyranny of Beauty' (1995), 'Great Wall of China' (2000), 'Tournado' (1997), 'Mars Polaris' (1999), 'The Dream Mixes' (1995), 'Rockoon' (1992), 'Lily on the Beach' (1989) and 'Melrose' (1990). Contains no new music material unavailable elsewhere. It is stated on the cover that the tracks are taken from the period 1990 to 2000, but in fact track 09 originally dates from 1988 and track 22 originally dates from 1989, although they are marked on the cover as coming from 'Atlantic Bridges' and 'Atlantic Walls' respectively, both compilation albums which were released in 1997. See individual albums for track times. It is interesting to note that the subtitle 'The World of Tangerine Dream' was changed to 'The Best of Tangerine Dream' just before the official release date (the pre-release version, displayed on the official site in the months before the release date, is pictured below).
* For some reason this track was originally intended to be '220 Volt' from 'Tournado', but it was changed to 'Flashflood' (also from 'Tournado', but without the percussion intro) just before the release date.

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