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01 Soundmill Navigator 41.48

Recorded in (year):

  1976 (release date 30th March 2000)


  Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Peter Baumann

Record Label:


Catalogue Number:

  TDI CD027


  Live album, recorded at the Berlin Philharmonie on 27th June 1976. Subtitled 'Tangerine Dream Classics Edition Vol.2'. Second in a planned series of 'classic concert' releases, the first being 'Sohoman' and the third 'Antique Dreams'. The cover shown below was originally intended to be used, but was replaced by the cover shown above just before the release date. The recording contains a rhythmic tape noiseloop from the original master tapes (they are 24 years old - analogue material wears out over time) that was impossible to remove without cutting large parts of the music out, so the band decided to live with it.

Original planned sleeve (never used):

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