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01 Warsaw in the Sun (Part 1) * 4.47
02 Warsaw in the Sun (Part 2) * 3.00
03 Warsaw in the Sun ** 3.53/3.57
04 Polish Dance *** 4.20/5.58
05 Rare Bird * 3.55

Recorded in (year):



  Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Johannes Schmoelling

Record Label:

  Jive Electro

Catalogue Number:

  JIVE T 74 (12 inch single)


  Live single. Only released on 7 inch and 12 inch vinyl. Contains material from the album 'Poland', a recording of Tangerine Dream's Warsaw concert on December 10th 1983, but probably significantly reworked in the studio. Tracks 01 and 02 are remixed versions of an extract from the track 'Barbakane' (and are only available on the 12 inch versions); 'Polish Dance' and 'Rare Bird' are extracts from the album version of 'Tangent'.

Released as a 7 inch shaped picture disc (catalogue no. JIVE P 74, pictured below right, same track times as JIVE 74 below).

Also released as three different 7 inch singles:

i) Jive/Zomba Records, Germany, catalogue no. JIVE 6.14 254 AC (** RT 3.53, *** RT 4.20)
ii) Jive Records, England, catalogue no. JIVE 74 (pictured below left) (** RT 3.57, *** RT 5.38)
iii) Tonpress, Poland, catalogue no. S-575 (** RT 3.57, *** RT 5.38).

Also released as 5 different 12 inch singles:

i) Jive/Electro Records, England, catalogue no. Jive T 74 (pictured above)
ii) Jive/Zomba Records, Germany, catalogue no. JIVE 6.20382 AE (red vinyl)
iii) Jive/Bertelsmann, Mexico, catalogue no. JIVE SL 7139
iv) CBS/Sony Records, Japan, catalogue no. 12AP3038
v) Carrere Records, France, catalogue no. CA 6168.470

Note: Tracks 01 and 02 also appear on the 12 inch single 'Streethawk'.

* Only available on the 12 inch versions, do not appear on any of the 7 inch versions.

7 inch single:

Shaped picture disc:

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