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01 Catwalk * 4.29
02 Little Blonde in the Park of Attractions * 4.37
03 Living in a Fountain Pen * 5.07
04 Birdwatcher's Dream * 6.49
05 Quasar ** 3.43

Recorded in (year):

  1994 (released in 1995)


  Edgar Froese, Jerome Froese, Linda Spa, Zlatco Perica

Record Label:

  Miramar (USA)

Catalogue Number:

  09006-23046 (CD single)


  Studio single. Released to promote the album 'Tyranny of Beauty'. Promotional release only, never officially released in stores. There is some debate as to whether this release had a cover or not, but at the time of writing it seems unlikely, because various sleeve scans that have been put up on the web so far (including the one shown above) have been made up by fans, and no collectors have ever seen an official cover.
* Remixed radio versions.
** This track also appears on the Italian Multimedia CD-I, as well as all releases and re-releases of the album except the 1994 Miramar (US) version.

The promo CD:

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