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01 Tyger * *** 5.44
02 Tyger (7 inch version) ** 4.27
03 21st Century Common Man II * 4.02

Recorded in (year):



  Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Paul Haslinger

Record Label:

  Jive Electro (England), Jive Records (Netherlands), Jive/Zomba Records (Germany)

Catalogue Number:

  JIVE 143 (England), 145.326 (Netherlands), 6.14856 AC (Germany) (7 inch single)


  Studio single. 7 and 12 inch vinyl only. All tracks taken from the album 'Tyger'. * Identical to the Jive Electro album version, not the remix that appeared on the Relativity album. ** Shorter than the album version. *** Only appears on the 12 inch versions, of which there are 2, catalogue no's JIVE T 143 (England, pictured above) and 6.20791 AE (Germany). See below for 2 different 7 inch single sleeves.

Jive/Zomba Records (Germany)
7 inch single:

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Jive Records (Netherlands)
7 inch single:

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