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01 Streethawk * 3.00/3.05/3.08
02 Tiergarten 3.18
03 Gaudi Park 5.10
04 Warsaw in the Sun (Part 1) ** 4.47
05 Warsaw in the Sun (Part 1) ** 3.00

Recorded in (year):



  Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Johannes Schmoelling

Record Label:

  Jive Electro

Catalogue Number:

  EMC 8044 (US), JIVE T 101 (UK and Spain) (12 inch single)



Studio single. Taken from the albums 'Le Parc' and 'Poland'. Used as the theme tune to the American TV series 'Streethawk', the name of a kind of 'superbike'. Tangerine Dream submitted a total of about 5 hours of music to the television studios for this series, but only track 01 has ever been officially released, and is in fact a renamed version of 'Le Parc (L.A. - Streethawk)' from the album 'Le Parc'.

Two completely different 12 inch vinyls were released:

i) Relativity USA, catalogue no. EMC 8044 (pictured below), which contains a 'Radio Remix' of track 01 (running time 3.08) on side A, as well as a different non-album version of Streethawk (running time 3.00) and track 02 on side B. An advanced testpressing of this 12 inch was released on Music Connection, USA, same catalogue no.
ii) Jive Electro/Jive Sanni Records, UK and Spain respectively, both with the same catalogue no. JIVE T 101, UK cover pictured above. Both have all of the tracks 01 to 05 listed above (track 01 is the Radio Remix, running time 3.08).

Also released as four seven inch singles, all of which contain track 01 (album version, running time 3.05) on side A and track 02 on side B:

i) Jive/Sanni Records, Spain, catalogue no. 101
ii) Jive Records, England, catalogue no. 101
iii) Jive Records/Messaggerie Musicali, Italy, catalogue no. 5006
iv) Jive/Teldec Records, Germany, catalogue no. 6.14254 AC

See also the 'Tiergarten' single page.

A version of the TV theme tune was released by Silva Screen on a compilation album called 'American Television's Greatest Hits' (catalogue no. TVPMCD 804), but this is a cover version, played by an orchestra conducted by Daniel Caine.

* The 'Radio Mix' of this track also appeared on two different free CDs given away with the following music magazines: 'Gold' (UK, 1992, volume 1, issue 7) and 'Replay' (USA, 1993, volume 1, issue 3).

** Remixes of the tracks on 'Poland' which only appear on the UK and Spanish Jive 12 inch versions and on the 12 inch single of 'Warsaw in the Sun'. The above track times are accurate, but do not necessarily correspond with what is marked on the record itself.

12 inch single
(Relativity EMC 8044):

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