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01 Das Madchen auf der Treppe * 3.50
02 Flock ** 2.28
03 Katja 3.01
04 Speed ** 2.37
05 Maedchen on the Stairs (Rien ne va Plus-Sunset Radio Mix) *** 4.08
06 Maedchen on the Stairs (Rien ne va Plus-Sunrise Club Mix) *** 6.55

Recorded in (year):



  Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Johannes Schmoelling

Record Label:


Catalogue Number:

  600 651-213 (12 inch single)


  Studio single. Originally used as theme music for the German TV crime series 'Tatort' (WDR-TV). Tracks 01 to 04 listed above were all used for the episode 'Das Madchen auf der Treppe' (Produced by WDR, a regional division of ARD, first aired on 27th June 1982) but were slightly remixed for the episode; two tracks from the studio album 'Exit' were also played. The singles 'Daydream' from the episode 'Miriam' (first aired 2nd April 1983) and 'I Just Want to Rule My Own Life Without You' from the episode 'Bis zum Hals im Dreck' (rough English translation 'knee deep in trouble', first aired 9th June 1991) have also been used for this programme as well as music from the albums 'Hyperborea', 'Thief' and Edgar Froese's 'Pinnacles' for an episode called 'Heisser Schnee', (English translation 'hot snow', first aired 9th September 1984, also contains some original music), and 'Rubycon' for an episode aired on 15th February 1976 called 'Kassensturz' (English translation 'counting the cash'). The 12 inch single has an error on the record label; the playing speed is marked as being 33 rpm, but in fact the speed marked on the cover (45 rpm) is correct. Also released as a 7 inch single (pictured below left), catalogue no. 104 405-100. The CD single pictured below second from left (Virgin Schallplatten GmbH, catalogue no. 7243 8 94187 2) was released in 1997 to promote Tangerine Dream's German tour; only 1000 copies were made. Subtitled '97 Remix'. This CD contains tracks 05 and 06 above, which are also available on the CD single 'Limited World Tour Edition 1997', and a slightly remastered version of track 01 (i.e. the original 1982 version).
* This track also appears on at least nine different compilation albums:
1) 'Super 20-Super Hits' (1982 Ariola Munich/Germany, catalogue no. 205-000-502) (running time 3.48) (vinyl only)
2) 'Die Starken Super 20' (1982 Ariola Munich/Germany, catalogue no. 205-005-502, re-release catalogue no 293 746) (running time 3.48) (vinyl only)
3) 'Wolkenreise Zwichen Traum und Phantsie' (1983 Ariola Munich/Germany, catalogue no. 205-600-502, re-release catalogue no. 467605) (running time 3.48) (vinyl only) (also contains the track 'Daydream', see 'Daydream' single page)
4) Die Neue Welle: Miele Mikrowelle (1985, Ariola, catalogue no. 206883-000, vinyl only), a picture disc with a picture of a bowl of rice on one side and microwaves on the other, this was a various artists compilation to promote 'The new wave: Miele microwaves'! (also contains the track 'Daydream') (see below for sleeve image)
5) 'Schimanskis-Tatort Hits' (1986 CBS/Grammofoonplaten, Amsterdam/Netherlands, catalogue no. 24070) (running time 3.48) (vinyl only) (also contains the tracks 'Daydream' and 'Moorland', see 'Daydream' single page)
6) 'Die Krimihits-Das Starkste aus Tatort' (1988 Ariola/Horzu, Munich/Germany, catalogue no. 181198) (running time 3.48) (CD). Also released on 2 vinyl versions, catalogue nos: 208838 and 153429
7) 'Good-bye Schimmi' (1991, Dino Music 9031272) (running time 3.48) (CD, pictured below right) (also contains 'I Just Want to Rule My Own Life Without You' (Vocal Version))
8) 'Race Traxx' (1995, Edel company, catalogue no. 0096852ULT) (running time 3.49) (CD) (pictured below)
9) 'Best of Schimanski' (1998, Warner Special Marketing, catalogue no. 3984-24683-2) (running time 3.52) (CD).
** Only available on the 12 inch vinyl version.
*** Tracks re-recorded in 1997, so only appear on the 1997 CD single, not on the 1982 vinyl versions.
Note from author: the correct spelling and punctuation of this track is at the top of the page; there have been mis-spellings of/changes to the original title (German language, English translation: 'The Girl on the Steps') on some releases, and inconsistent font conversions on different computers oblige the use of the letter 'a' without the umlaut punctuation in these text boxes.

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 Race Traxx compilation:

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 Goodbye Schimmi compilation:

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 Miele Microwave vinyl album:

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