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01 Big City Dwarves ** 6.00
02 Red Roadster * *** 8.20
03 Touchwood 4.34
04 Graffiti Street * 5.04
05 Funky Atlanta * 4.00
06 Spanish Love 5.40
07 Lifted Veil *** 3.30
08 Penguin Reference 4.45
09 Body Corporate *** 3.40
10 Rockoon * 7.21
11 Girls on Broadway **** 4.44

Recorded in (year):



  Edgar Froese, Jerome Froese

Record Label:

  Essential Records

Catalogue Number:

  ESS CD 976
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  Studio album. Also released as a limited edition picture disc (TDI Music International, catalogue no. TDI004CD). A very limited edition of this album under the banner 'Les Genies du Rock' ('Rock Geniuses' in English) with slightly different track times was released by Editions Atlas (France), catalogue no. RK CD 501 (pictured below left). The French release has a different cover (pictured below second from the left), FNAC Music, catalogue no. 662040 WM 334 (this cover was also used for the German Virgin release, catalogue no. 262 440, and the Virgin release in Holland, catalogue no. 7 880 18 2). Also released with yet another different cover by Volt Records (Belgium), pictured below second from the right, catalogue no. VR 5020. All the above-mentioned releases were in 1992. Re-released in the UK in 1996 by Castle Communications, but with a different catalogue number to the first release in 1992 (ESM 403). Re-released again in 1999 by TDI with a completely redesigned cover (catalogue no. TDI CD017, pictured below right). Re-released yet again in 2000 in the USA by Castle Communications, with the same cover as the original Essential release pictured above.
* Lead Guitar by Zlatco Perica.
** Macubaha by Enrico Fernandez.
*** Flute and Alto sax by Richi Wester.
**** This track only appears on CD releases and the UK vinyl album.

Other sleeves used for this album:

Editions Atlas 1992

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FNAC Music 1992

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Volt Records,VR 5020

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TDI 1999

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