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01 Above the Great Dry Land 6.19
02 Chasing the Bad Seed 8.48
03 Slave to the Gods 6.31
04 Hope and Glory 6.43
05 Sun Son's Seal (Part One) 8.21
06 Beyond All Suns 6.34
07 Sisyphus 4.37
08 All the Steps to Heaven 13.12
09 Mountain of Destiny 10.51
10 The Glowing Zodiac Wheel 6.08
11 Modern Cave Men 5.02
12 Death of Medusa 7.23
13 Blinded by the World's Desire 6.21
14 Sun Son's Seal (Part Two) 8.37
15 Soulgate 7.59
16 Till the End of Silence 5.17
17 Prison and Paradise 5.39
18 Spirit Spiral 7.33

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Musicians & singers:

  Edgar Froese, Jerome Froese, Iris Camaa, Jayney Klimek, Barbara Kindermann, Tatjana Kouchev, Saskia Klumpp, Bianca Acquaye

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Catalogue Number:

  TDI CD036


  2CD, over 2 hours of music. Live/studio album, a project that TD had worked on for about five years. "Purgatorio" is the second part of the "La Divina Comedia" Triology by Dante Alighieri (first part "Inferno", third part "Paradiso"). To quote TDI: "A musical piece of epic proportions with a total length of more than 2 hours, once again combining TD's trademark sound with orchestral and choral elements, as well as outstanding vocal performances". First made available at the premiere performance of "Purgatorio" at the Royal Festival Hall in London on Saturday 6th March 2004, then at the TDI shop a week later. Track times taken from the author's CD player.