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01 Poland 22.29
02 Tangent 19.59
03 Barbakane 18.00
04 Horizon 21.07

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  Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Johannes Schmoelling

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  Live album. US release (double CD, pictured above) contains all four tracks. UK release (single CD, Jive Electro, Catalogue No. CHIPS 22, pictured below left) doesn't include 'Tangent' (and for some reason later releases had a black and white cover of barely photocopy quality). Re-released in 1996 by Castle/Essential (UK/Europe, catalogue no. ESM CD 365) and by Castle/Sequel (USA, catalogue no. 1044-2), but unfortunately both versions are still only one CD, with the track 'Barbakane' shortened this time (its running time is only 13.49). Also released as a double vinyl picture disc (Jive Electro, Catalogue No. HIP X 22, all 4 sides pictured at the bottom of the page). Re-released again as a single CD in 2000 in the USA by Castle (catalogue no. CMACD 568).

Jive Electro single CD:

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Jive Electro single CD (b/w):

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Picture disc side 1:

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Picture disc side 2:

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Picture disc side 4:

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