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01 Flashflood 6.58
02 Zion 5.41
03 Reflections 5.06
04 Cliff Dwellers 5.04
05 Waterbourne 7.18
06 Cedar Breaks 5.05
07 Summer Storm 6.04
08 Hopi Mesa Heart 5.51
09 Chia Maroon * 4.10

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  Edgar Froese, Jerome Froese

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  Video soundtrack. Some tracks slightly remixed from the video version. * Extra track only available on the version in the 'Dream Dice' box set (pictured below left, catalogue no. TDI CD009), the US release pictured below right (Miramar, catalogue no. 23099-2) and on the latest TDI re-release (catalogue no. CD009/EFA 63009, same cover as the Miramar release). See bottom of page for details of first video release (Camera One, ISBN no. 1-56057-022-9, pictured below) and for the re-released versions on VHS, DVD and VCD (Panorama Entertainment, catalogue no. DUCD-006480 (see end of page for sleeve images).

TDI CD009: Miramar 23099-2:

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First VHS version:

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01 Flashflood
02 Zion
03 Reflections
04 Cliff Dwellers
05 Waterbourne
06 Cedar Breaks
07 Summer Storm

  New VHS cover:

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VCD (Hong Kong):

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