Mota Atma

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01 The Courage to Lose 8.03
02 For the Summit Only 7.57
03 No Pleasure No Pain 5.52
04 Royal Way of Privacy 8.38
05 Phoenix Burning 7.35
06 Prophet in Chains 7.43
07 Snow on Angel's Feather 5.34
08 A Fair Day's Wage 8.09
09 Brain Offender * 5.53
10 A Day in Liberty Valley 5.37


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  Edgar & Jerome Froese

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Worldwide release date is April 29th, 2003**, on TDI's new sublabel TDP. Distribution via Voiceprint U.K. and Zomba. The music is based on a soundtrack Edgar and Jerome Froese composed for a Japanese/American co-produced documentary.

Extract from the Voiceprint UK website:

NOTE: Not released until 06/05/03**.

Mota Atma is Tangerine Dream's stunning new album recorded towards the end of 2002 at the band's studio in Berlin. Combining the image creating soundscapes, a transcendental journey into these sonic surrounds of a unique world, in which only Tangerine Dream can create with their unique blends of sound, samples, rhythms and a little bit of keyboard magic. The release of Mota Atma is supported by an extensive feature on the band on 150 US radio stations and on "Echoes" (a daily two-hour music soundscape, distributed by Public Radio International and broadcast on over 150 radio stations from Maine to California, see the following pages:

The band has also just been interviewed at their recent London concert (15th February 2003) by John Diliberto, a writer for Billboard, Pulse and other magazines.

* This track is included on the Astoria Theatre London CD single, but has a different title, 'Gate of Saturn'. Both tracks are identical and have a running time of 5.53.

** These dates are both inaccurate - TDI received the first copies from the pressing plant on 16th April 2003, the author's copy, ordered directly from the TDI website in advance, was shipped from Germany on the 24th April 2003.