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01 Comet's Figure Head 9.59
02 Rim of Schiaparelli 6.12
03 Pilots of the Ether Belt 10.12
04 Deep Space Cruiser 4.39
05 Outland (the Colony) 9.12
06 Spiral Star Date (level P) 6.10
07 Mars Mission Counter 5.42
08 Astrophobia 9.54
09 Tharsis Maneuver 4.28
10 Dies Martis (TransMercury) 4.00

Recorded in (year):



  Edgar Froese, Jerome Froese

Record Label:

  TDI Music

Catalogue Number:

  TDI CD016



Studio album of a concert performed at the KlangArt Festival in Osnabrück, Germany on June 12 1999 (released on the day of the concert). For information: The Sony Centre Topping Out Ceremony Score was also performed at this concert.

In the first week of the album's release 100 mispressed copies were sent out by TDI (and almost immediately recalled) an 'accidental' compilation of this album and 'Great Wall of China'. Track 3 is a very different mix to the version on 'Mars Polaris' and is not available elsewhere.

The mispressed version can be distinguished from the standard release as follows: the back cover is slightly different in two respects. Firstly it has 'Made in Germany' on it. Secondly, it says © TDI Music TDI Music on the mispressed version, but on the normal version it says © TDI Music (p) TDI Music. Finally, the matrix numbers are different. The original is TDI EFA CD 63016, but the mispressed one is TDI CD 016.

Track listing for mispressing:

Track no: Track title: Taken from the album: Track time:
01 Zhu Zhanji Great Wall of China 6.14
02 Rim of Schiaparelli Mars Polaris 6.12
03 Dies Martis (TransMercury) (remix) * Mars Polaris 4.00
04 No More Candles Burning Great Wall of China 4.12
05 Lights of Beijing Great Wall of China 5.44
06 Tharsis Maneuver Mars Polaris 4.28
07 Stranded Without Shade Great Wall of China 4.32
08 Spiral Star Date (level P) Mars Polaris 6.12
09 Mars Mission Counter Mars Polaris 5.44
10 Deep Space Cruiser Mars Polaris 4.39
11 Silence the Barking Monk Great Wall of China 7.23

* this track is unavailable elsewhere, hence this has to be the rarest track ever released by TD!