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01 Lost Tale 3.27

Recorded in (year):



  Edgar Froese, Paul Haslinger

Record Label:

  Stichting KLEM (Netherlands)

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  Various artists compilation by the Dutch electronic music fanclub 'KLEM' (in Dutch: 'Klub Liefhebbers Electronische Musiek' , English translation: 'Electronic Music Lovers Club'). Limited edition of 1000 hand numbered copies. This album is included on these pages because it contains a Tangerine Dream track which is not available elsewhere. Also contains tracks by other EM artists, including a Chris Franke solo track 'Vermillion Sands' (running time 5.34) which resembles a live track that Tangerine Dream performed on their 1986 UK tour ('Ride on the Ray' guitar part, based on a track from the album 'Underwater Sunlight').