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01 Genesis 5.55
02 Origin Of Supernatural Probabilities 20.12
03 Sunrise in the Third System 4.23
04 Circulation of Events 5.51
05 White Clouds 5.05
06 Song of the Whale Part 1 8.20
07 Le Parc 3.21
08 Horizon 21.07

Recorded in (year):

  1970-1986 (released August 30th 2004)


  Various (see individual albums)

Record Label:





  Compilation. 1 CD. Contains no new material unavailable elsewhere. Tracks taken from Electronic Meditation, Alpha Centauri, Zeit, Atem, Green Desert, Poland, Le Parc and Underwater Sunlight. Some of the tracks are cut short. All tracks are the untouched original versions, none are 'Tangentised'. Quite a similar compilation to 'The Best of Tangerine Dream'. Track times are unconfirmed at the time of writing.