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01 Before the Closing of the Day 4.50
02 The Spirit of Virgil 2.29
03 Minotaurae Hunt at Dawn 3.24
04 Those Once Broke the First Word 3.38
05 Dante in Despair 3.25
06 Io Non Mor 5.49
07 Vidi Tre Facce 4.41
08 At the Deepest Point in Space 2.38
09 L'Emperador del Doloroso Regno 4.45
10 Voices in the Starless Night 4.14
11 Fear and Longing 3.06
12 Fallen for Death 4.38
13 Where All Light Went Silent 3.39
14 Charon, il Barchere 3.59
15 La Grey de Las Almas Perdidas 7.28
16 Justice of the Karma Law 3.02
17 As the Sun Moves Towards Heaven 7.57
18 Beatrice, l'Âme Infinie 5.10

Recorded in (year):


Musicians & singers:

  Edgar Froese, Jerome Froese, Iris Camaa (née Kulterer), Jayney Klimek, Barbara Kindermann, Bianca Acquaye, Claire Foquet, Jane Monet, Bry Gonzales

Record Label:


Catalogue Number:

  TDI CD032



Live/studio album, a project TD that worked on for about five years. "Inferno" is the first part of the "La Divina Comedia" Triology by Dante Alighieri (second part "Purgatorio", third part "Paradiso"). First made available as a pre-release on the TDI website in March 2002 as a limited edition package with a t-shirt. Worldwide release in May 2002.

First performed live on 7th October 2001 at the 'Alte Musik Festival - Experimental Music Day' at a church in Bernau near Berlin, Germany (two shows).

TD performed this music live again on 15th June 2002 at the "Museumsinsel" in Berlin, see TDI site ( for more details.

'Inferno' was performed again at the "Festspiele Burg Nideggen", in the courtyard of the Medieval castle at Nideggen in the Rhineland, Germany. There were two shows:

Friday, August 23rd 2002 at 9 p.m and Saturday, August 24th 2002 at 9 p.m.

A black and white film on DVD of the Italian film 'l'inferno' from 1911 with a TD soundtrack was first made available at the premier of "Purgatorio".