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01 South Camora 4.05
02 Velvet Sun 6.09
03 Midas Touch 6.11
04 City Monk * 4.29
05 Lava Levin 4.32
06 Cool Ma Bell 5.06
07 Dare to Change 4.18
08 Hall of Mirrors 3.47
09 Token from Birdland ** 8.10
10 In the Distant Shore (In the Distant Shone?) *** 4.16
11 3rd Angels Gate 2.58
12 Silver Moon Lake 3.38
13 Riding the Lizard Overland **** 3.43
14 Walking With a Mandarin 7.25
15 Rose of Babylon ***** 5.03

Recorded in (year):

  Exact details unknown (released in 1998)


  Edgar Froese, Jerome Froese

Record Label:

  TDI Music

Catalogue Number:

  TDI CD008


  Apparantly contains out-takes and other unused material from soundtracks recorded in the 1980's, but it is likely that other unreleased material and/or newer tracks have been added. Also released in the 'Dream Dice' Box Set (see appropriate page). Re-released by TDI in 1999 with slightly different sleeve art (pictured below). * This track is identical to 'Ulan-Ude', track 7 on 'Transsiberia'. ** Although the tracks have the same name, this is not the same one as on 'Ambient Monkeys'. *** Two different titles are marked on the cover. **** This track probably originates from the end titles of the unreleased soundtrack 'Red Heat'. ***** Vocals & lyrics by Vicky McClure.

Other sleeves used for this album:

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