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01 Q-Time 5.10
02 Cat and Snowman 3.53
03 Goldhunter 4.53
04 Law Paradiso * 5.02
05 La Petite Rue Noir 4.06
06 Propeller Beach 5.32
07 Autumn in Sonoma 3.15
08 Chamber of Hope 4.39
09 The Quiet Gambler 4.12
10 The Principle Source 5.21
11 Labeo 5.18
12 Escape from Shadowland 4.24
13 Chronos Mile 5.58
14 J. S. Bach Sonata 2.53
15 Fairfax 4.10

Recorded in (year):

  Exact details unknown (released in 1998)


  Edgar Froese, Jerome Froese

Record Label:

  TDI Music

Catalogue Number:

  TDI CD007


  Apparantly contains out-takes and other unused material from soundtracks recorded in the 1980's, but it is likely that other unreleased material and/or newer tracks have been added. Also released in the 'Dream Dice' Box Set. Re-released by TDI in 1999 with slightly different sleeve art (pictured below). * This track is identical to 'One Fine Day in Siberia', a track which appears on the Edgar Froese solo album 'Beyond the Storm'! Interestingly, there is also a duplicate track on 'The Hollywood Years Vol. 2', which also has connections with Siberia... Coincidence?

Other sleeves used for this album:

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