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Filmed in (year):   1991
Director:   Ate De Jong
Starring:   Patrick Bergin, Chad Lowe, Kristy Swanson, Richard Farnsworth, Jarrett Lennon
Catalogue No (ASIN):   HBO (Canada), Catalogue no. unknown at time of writing, UPC: 026359-04473-1
Link to album page: N/A
 Comments:   94 minutes. "When Charlie and Rachel elope for a secret wedding in Las Vegas, Satan sends his hell cop to retrieve Rachel and bring her to Hell. Not about to abandon the woman he loves, Charlie follows and is thrust into a world of the living dead with Satanic bikers, cannibalistic blondes and a coffee shop where the only living thing is the food". Contains some TD music, but it is unknown at the time of writing if there is any original music. released on VHS, DVD and laserdisc.