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01 Stuntman 4.13
02 It Would Be Like Samoa 10.40
03 Detroit Snackbar Dreamer 6.26
04 Drunken Mozart in the Desert 9.55
05 A Dali-esque Sleep Fuse 8.26
06 Scarlet Score for Mescalero 4.12

Recorded in (year):



  Edgar Froese

Record Label:


Catalogue Number:

  CDV 2139


  Studio album (the author's favourite!). Recorded at the time when Edgar got his hands on his first digital synthesizer, so the album is a fusion of analogue & digital styles. The only solo single released to date by Edgar Froese was taken from this album, containing the tracks 'Stuntman' and 'Scarlet Score for Mescalero' with the same running times as above (1980, Virgin/Ariola Germany, catalogue no. 101285-100, pictured below left). A new version is due for release on CD in 2005 which will be remastered and partially re-recorded ('Tangentised'), see below right for cover preview.

7" vinyl single:

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New remastered version:

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