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01 OS 452 7.56
02 AF 765 11.04
03 PA 701 7.36
04 Quantas 611 4.58
05 IF 810 4.26

Recorded in (year):



  Edgar Froese

Record Label:

  Manikin Records

Catalogue Number:



  Studio album. The tracks were composed during different flights in 1975 and 1976, hence the track names, all flight numbers. Originally released on Brain (LP), catalogue number 0060.008. The original CD is very rare (maybe only about 100 copies in circulation), because TD's former UK record label Voiceprint sold the publishing rights to Manikin, but they should have offered the rights to Edgar Froese first. He insisted on his rights, and so the CD was withdrawn from sale almost immediately after its release. A new version is due for release on CD in 2005 which will be remastered and partially re-recorded ('Tangentised'), see below for cover preview.

2005 remastered version:

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