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01 Aqua 16.58
02 Panorphelia 9.38
03 NGC 891 * 14.50
04 Upland 6.31

Recorded in (year):



  Edgar Froese, Chris Franke

Record Label:


Catalogue Number:

  CDV 2016



Edgar's first studio solo album. An experimental album, in the sense that it used the 'Artificial Head System' by Gunther Brunschen. This technology was intended to create an effect of three dimensional sound, but only worked while wearing headphones; it was never able to reproduce the same effect through stereo speakers.

A new version is due for release on CD in 2005 which will be remastered and partially re-recorded ('Tangentised'), see below right for cover preview.

The Brain release of the vinyl album had a slightly different cover to the CD, see below for image. Track listing:

Side 1:

1. NGC (on label) or NGC 891 (on cover) 13.50
2. Upland 6.10

Side 2:

1. Aqua 17.00
2. Panorphelia 9.25

The track timings are different to the CD. The timings for 'Panorphelia' and 'Upland' are the same as on the 'Electronic Dreams' album. The cover of the Brain album is basically a variation on the Virgin one except the whole gatefold image is reversed with the back cover being the front etc. The inside of the gatefold is also slightly different with less writing. The CD cover above is actually the back sleeve of the vinyl album, but upside down!

A very rare promotional box set edition was also released in 1974 (vinyl only), to promote the release of the CMC 440 (a multiterminal system). It has the same tracks as 'Aqua', but has the title 'Aqua II'. The record comes in a cardboard fold out box with an insert and an additional 8 page booklet featuring the CMC 400. Light blue labels. Virgin/Polydor, catalogue no. CMC 2812022. 1000 copies only. Most of the sets were probably handed out to non-collectors for promotional purposes, making it potentially one of the rarest items in the collectors' community. The first copies to fall into collectors' hands didn't appear until 1998, 14 years after its release, in France. See below for sleeve image (many thanks to Jupe Uriarte from Spain for this excellent image).

An excerpt of track 01 appeared on a various artists album called 'Atlantic October Sampler', with a running time of only 2.46 (1974, Atlantic Records USA, Catalogue no. ATCO PR).

The complete album was also released in a 3 CD box set called 'Ambient' (catalogue no. TPAK 12), with the albums 'Timewind' by Klaus Schulze and 'Blackout' by Ashra.

* Chris Franke contributed Moog sounds on this track.

Aqua II promo box set:

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Vinyl album cover:

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2005 remastered version:

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