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01 Metropolis (inspired by Fritz Lang's movie) 11.00
02 Era of the Slaves 8.05
03 Tropic of Capricorn 21.06
04 Nights of Automatic Women * 9.00
05 Icarus 9.07
06 Children's Deeper Study 4.21
07 Ode to Granny A. 4.39
08 Pizarro and Atahuallpa 7.30
09 Golgatha and the Circle Closes ** 8.30

Recorded in (year):

  1977 (original double LP released in 1978, catalogue no's. 25754XT & 25755XT)


  Edgar Froese, Klaus Krieger

Record Label:


Catalogue Number:

  CDOVD480 (single CD, released in 1997)


  Studio album. * Not included on the 2005 re-release on Eastgate, catalogue no. 49002. ** This track is only available on the Virgin double LP, catalogue no. V2197 and the 2005 re-release. It was not included on the original CD due to lack of space. Klaus Krieger played drums on this album. A new version was released on CD in January 2005 which was remastered and partially re-recorded ('Tangentised'), see below for cover. This version does not contain all the tracks on the original LP either, 'Children's Deeper Study' is missing, as well as the end part of 'Golgatha and the Circle Closes'. It is also stated on the cover that this album was recorded in 1979 which is false. Track times also differ from the original versions.

New remastered version:

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