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01 Marakesh 8.55
02 Atlas Eyes 3.15
03 Gaudi Park 5.04
04 Cat Scan 4.51
05 Teetering Scales 3.26
06 Lily on the Beach 4.04
07 Nomad's Scale 8.35
08 Daybreak on the River Spree 3.46
09 Longing for Cashba 9.33
10 Mount Shasta 4.28
11 Alaskan Summer 3.31
12 Wall Street 3.17
13 Hitchhiker's Point 4.55
14 Long Island Sunset 6.58
15 Berlin Summer Nights (encore) 4.18

Recorded in (year):

  1990 (released June 2004)


  Edgar Froese, Jerome Froese, Paul Haslinger, Linda Spa, Hubert Waldner

Record Label:


Catalogue Number:

  TDI CD037



Live album. Recorded at the Werner Seelenbinder Halle in East Berlin on 20th February 1990. The first concert appearance of Edgar's son Jerome. Only available through the official web site. Track times taken from the author's CD player (times do not include audience cheering at the end of tracks 14 and 15). The first 200 orderers received the CD autographed by Edgar and Jerome as well as a bonus CD-R which contains 3 of the other 4 encores performed at the concert. These CD-Rs were custom-made for TDI and burnt by a studio hand at the TDI studio in Berlin, hence the words 'Copyright and production 2001 TDI Music' printed on the disc. It comes in a single white paper sleeve with a sticker on it. There is no catalogue number. The missing encore is 'Ruling the Waves' which is available for download from the official TDI site, but this is a studio version. Track list for the limited bonus CD-R:

1) Alchemy Of The Heart (4:38)
2) Alexander Square (7:02)
3) House Of The Rising Sun (6:04)

NB: in fact the encores were played in the following order at the concert:

Alchemy of the Heart
Alexander Square
Ruling the Waves
Berlin Summer Nights
House of the Rising Sun