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01 Order of the Ginger Guild * 9.04
02 Fort Worth Runway One 6.41
03 Eleanor Rigby 8.38
04 Oriental Haze 3.53
05 Story of the Brave 5.17
06 Thief Yang and the Tangram Seal 5.13
07 Catwalk ** 7.45
08 Purple Haze *** 2.49
09 The Midnight Trail **** 3.41
10 Rolling Down Cahuenga 6.41
11 Towards the Evening Star 6.16
12 Dominion *** 5.24

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  Edgar Froese, Jerome Froese, Johannes Schmoelling, Paul Haslinger, Linda Spa, Zlatko Perica, Gerald Gradwool, Mark Hornby, Emil Hatchfeld

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Catalogue Number:

  TDI CD004


  Compilation. Contains a small amount of music material unavailable elsewhere. Most of the tracks were previously difficult to find or only appear on limited edition CDs, and some tracks are different to the original studio/live versions. Available either as an individual album or in the 'Dream Dice' Box set. Click on track titles above to see where the tracks were originally released.
* Originally spelt 'Order of the Ginger Gild', but 'Order of the Ginger Guild' is correct.
** Although not mentioned on the cover, this is actually the 'Dress Up Mix'.
*** Different live versions to the originals.
**** Considerably shorter than the album version.