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01 Shadow Flyer 5.53
02 Canyon Carver 4.17
03 Water's Gift 5.24
04 Canyon Voices 4.26
05 Sudden Revelation 4.46
06 A Matter of Time 8.53
07 Purple Nightfall 2.04
08 Colorado Dawn* 4.26
09 Rocky Mountain Hawk ** 5.06

Recorded in (year):



  Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Paul Haslinger

Record Label:


Catalogue Number:

  MPCD 2801


  Video soundtrack. * Composed by Jerome Froese, and not included on the video. Some tracks slightly remixed from the video version, in particular 'Shadow Flyer'. Re-released by TDI International on 28 Sep 1999 with an extra track (**) and different sleeve artwork (catalogue no. TDI CD021, pictured below). See bottom left of page for details of video (Miramar, catalogue no. MPV 8403). Tracks 02 and 04 were also released in 1988 on a CD given away with the American magazine 'Cymbiosis' (no longer publishing) vol. 2, no. 1. Also released on DVD by Miramar Simitar (catalogue no. 82551 73242, see bottom right of page for sleeve image) with identical music to the VHS video.

TDI version:

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VHS Video:

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01 Shadow Flyer
02 Canyon Carver
03 A Matter of Time
04 Water's Gift
05 Canyon Voices
06 Sudden Revelation
07 Purple Nightfall *
  Total time: 40.00. * Not marked on video sleeve, but was used for the end titles.


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