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This box set contains the following CDs:

Set 1 - Albert Hall, Nottingham, UK, November 8th 1976 - 1 CD

Set 2 - Lisner Auditorium (George Washington University), Washington, USA, April 4th 1977 - 2 CD

Set 3 - City Hall, Newcastle, UK, October 25th 1981 - 2 CD

Set 4 - Audimax, Hamburg, Germany, February 24th 1978 - 1 CD
Set 5 - Fassbinder Memorial Concert, Alte Oper, Frankfurt, Germany, June 11th 1983 - 1 CD

Recorded in (year):



  Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Peter Baumann, Johannes Schmoelling, Steve Joliffe, Klaus Krieger

Record Label:


Catalogue Number:

  CMXBX898 (7 CD)



Planned release date: 9th February 2004. Follow-up to the Bootleg Box Set Vol. 1. Here are reviews from The Groove Unlimited site in Holland:

Nottingham 76:

Perfect sounding audience recording, material in the style of Ricochet and Encore, lots of sequencers and guitar, very loud concert!

Washington 77:

One of the first concerts of the US tour 1977.

This recording is from the FM broadcast. Complete concert!

Newcastle 81:

Excellent audience recording from the Exit tour in England in the fall of 1981.

The first half of the concert is for the major part unreleased music in the style of Exit, Logos and White Eagle. The second part has an extra long version of Mojave Plan (which at that time was the first time that they performed it live), some unreleased work and as encore a long version of Choronzon.

Hamburg 78:

One of the better audience recordings of the Cyclone tour from 1978.

The famous tour with Steve Joliffe and Klaus Krieger. On this CD is the second part of the show plus the encore. Don't expect live versions of Cyclone.... You can hear a 'searching' TD that's trying to find a clear shape into their music. All in all very much worth listening to.

Frankfurt 83:

Excellent audience recording of the Fassbinder Memorial Concert, which fans partly know from the famous bootleg. However on this CD you can listen to the complete performance! Material from Logos and music that later would be released on Poland.

Short concert, but very moody.