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This box set contains the following CDs:

Set 1 - SHEFFIELD, October 29th 1974, City Hall - 1 CD

Set 2 - LONDON, April 2nd 1975, Royal Albert Hall - 2 CD

Set 3 - CROYDON, October 23rd 1975, Fairfield Hall - 1 CD

Set 4 - BILBAO, January 31st 1976, Pabellon de la Casilla - 2 CD
Set 5 - BERLIN, 27th June 1976, Berlin Philharmonie - 1 CD

Recorded in (year):



  Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Peter Baumann

Record Label:


Catalogue Number:

  CMXBX770 (7 CD)



Planned release date: 11th August 2003. Here is the official quote from the TDI offices about this release, posted to the Tadream list on 23/6/03:

1. The box will be released by Sanctuary Music.

2. Sanctuary were very successful with a series of bootleg boxes from Emerson Lake and Palmer and, thus, approached us for the same type of thing.

3. Since they wanted old material and were pressing to get these boxes into the pipeline as swiftly as possible, we could not go through the long and strenuous process of scanning our archives and restoring old tapes. We, thus, had to turn to readily available bootleg sources for the first two planned sets.

4. One of the best and easiest sources was the Tangerine Tree, hence Jerome and Edgar selected ten shows from the first two tree sets, which Jerome then cleaned up and mastered with DQC - Edgar and Jerome told me that they did not overdub any of the material this time, so no tangentizing is to be expected.

5. While we did tolerate the Tree Project, this was a good opportunity for Edgar and Franke to get some income back from these show recordings, which I guess at least the musicians on the list will understand, so we accepted Sanctuary´s kind offer.

6. We have absolutely no control over the artwork of these boxes, but were informed that Sanctuary intends to create their own original artwork for boxes and CD's. In case they should wish to use any of the artwork created by fellow listizens, we will point them to the creator for permission (...while the copyright to all music ever performed by TD belongs to us, we do acknowledge that the artwork created for the Tree-project should be property of the creator) - although I have been told that they intend to use none of the artwork from the tree.

7. Don´t fret, we do not intend to pull the plug on future tree projects at this point in time.

8. As I bet there might be some moaners who will accuse us of selling out and using "their" property, let me point something out: according to copyright law, the rights to a musical group´s performances lie with the group, no matter who recorded them, unless the group assigns these rights to a third party (as for instance, when a band signs a recording deal). Hence, legally speaking, the distribution of such a thing as the Tangerine Tree itself is illegal and even the act of fan taping itself would be against the law - we decided to tolerate it because, while we don't make any money from it, it doesn't hurt us, either. Thus, I hope it will meet with your understanding that, given the chance, such as with the Sanctuary deal, we would also like to get our share from these recordings.

Also, I would like to quote some fellow listizens from when the Tree-Project was first initiated that TD should start releasing these old shows and that they would gladly shell out their money if TD took these TD-Tree-shows and released them untouched.

You have now been informed about the contents of the box. Except for minor cleanups and top-notch DQC remastering, the recordings will be more or less identical to the Tangerine Tree shows. Hence, if the TT-shows are sufficient for you, you needn't buy this box. If you are a completist or want to support the band by buying the shows from the Tree officially, then we thank you very much for it, it will be greatly honored - but please don't complain that you already have the shows from the Tree.

9. If these boxes sell well, we will be thinking of opening our vaults and pouring out more material in the same fashion.