? Berlin, Germany Berliner Philharmonie (Berlin Philharmonic) No
1977 NORTH AMERICAN TOUR (Stratosfear)
March 29 Milwaukee, U.S.A. Riverside Theater Yes - TL vol. 21
March 31 Detroit, U.S.A. Ford Auditorium Yes - TT vol. 25
April 1 Chicago, U.S.A. Aragon Ballroom No
April 2 Cleveland, U.S.A. Music Convention Center Yes
April 4 Washington D.C., U.S.A. Lisner Auditorium Yes - TT vol. 4
April 5 New York, U.S.A. Avery Fisher Hall Yes
April 6 Philadelphia, U.S.A. Tower Theater No
April 8 (?) Toronto, Canada Convocation Hall Yes
April 9 (10?) Montreal, Canada Place des Arts (CHOM-FM) Yes - TT vol. 18
April 11 Quebec City, Canada Hilton Convention Center Yes - TL vol. 32
April 12 Chicoutimi, Canada Dufour Auditorium No
April 15 Hamilton, Canada Hamilton Place No
April 16 Ottawa, Canada Civic Center No
April 20 Portland, U.S.A. Paramount Theater No
April 21 Seattle, U.S.A. Paramount Theater Yes - TT vol. 39
April 25 San Francisco, U.S.A. Berkeley Community Theater No
April 26 Los Angeles, U.S.A. Santa Monica Civic Auditorium Yes - TT vol. 66
April 26 was the last date of the spring tour. A US summer tour took place, but at the time of writing the below dates in August could not be confirmed (they are taken from an additional insert page in the 1977 US tour book but it is quite likely that they were all cancelled). It is common belief that a fan tape exists of the August 4 concert, but the American version of this date (4/8/77) was probably confused with the European version (8/4/77) so this concert most likely took place on 8 April. It is highly unlikely that the band returned to Canada for only one date. There is no hard evidence at the time of writing that any of the planned August 77 dates in Canada actually took place. If you can prove otherwise, please e-mail the Editor.
July 9 San Diego, U.S.A. Civic Theater No
July 10 Tuscon, U.S.A. Community Theater No
July 12 Los Angeles, U.S.A. Greek Theater Yes
July 14 Boulder, U.S.A. Mackey Auditorium (University of Colerado) No
August 1 Quebec City, Canada Convention Center No (CANCELLED?)
August 2 Montreal, Canada Place des Nations No (CANCELLED?)
August 4 Toronto, Canada Convocation Hall No (CANCELLED?)
August 5 Toronto, Canada Convocation Hall No (CANCELLED?)
August 6 Meadowbrook, U.S.A. Pine Knob No (CANCELLED)
August 7 Milwaukee, U.S.A. Performing Arts Center No (CANCELLED?)
1978 EUROPEAN TOUR (Cyclone)
February 19 Berlin, Germany Eissporthalle (Ice Sports Hall) Yes - TT vol. 67
February 20 Offenbach, Germany Stadhalle No
February 21 Mannheim, Germany Musen Saal (Muses' Hall) No
February 22 München (Munich), Germany Deutsches Museum (German Museum) No
February 23 Erlangen, Germany Stadthalle (Town Hall) No
February 24 Hamburg, Germany Audimax Yes - TT vol. 11
February 25 Dusseldorf, Germany Philipshalle Yes - TL vol. 30
February 26 Nancy, France Foire des Expositions No
February 27 Reims, France Opera No
February 28 Rouen, France Parc des Expositions No
March 1 Nantes, France Palais de la Beaujoire Yes - TL vol. 39
March 3 Dijon, France Palais des Congrès No
March 4 Lille, France Chapiteau Parking de la Foire International No
March 6 Paris, France Palais des Congrès Yes
March 8 Bordeaux, France Chapiteau Campus de Talence No
March 9 Toulouse, France Parc des Expositions No
March 10 Pau, France Parc des Expositions No
March 11 Pamplona, Spain Pabellon Araitasuma No
March 12 Valencia, Spain Pabellon Deportiro Marcol Yes
March 13 Barcelona, Spain Nuevo Pabellon de Bacelona Yes
March 15 Marseille, France Chapiteau No
March 17 Brussels, Belgium Cirque Royale Yes - TL vol. 5
March 19 Oxford, England New Theatre No
March 20 London, England Hammersmith Odeon No
March 21 Portsmouth, England Guild Hall No
March 22 Birmingham, England Birmingham Odeon No
March 23 Newcastle, England City Hall Yes
March 24 Glasgow, Scotland Apollo Theatre Yes
March 25 Manchester, England Apollo Theatre Yes
March 26 Liverpool, England Empire Hall Yes
March 27 Croydon, England Fairfield Hall No
March 28 London, England Hammersmith Odeon Yes - TL vol. 50
June 27 Berlin, Germany (TV) Broadcast of February 19 concert Yes
1979 German tour (Force Majeure)
March 17 Essen, Germany Grugahalle (Gruga Hall) 'Gruga' is the abbreviation for 'Große Ruhrländische Gartenbauaustellung' ('Grand Horticultural Exhibition of the Ruhr region') (CANCELLED)
March 18 Bremen, Germany Stadthalle (CANCELLED)
March 19 Berlin, Germany Deutschlandhalle (Germany Hall) (CANCELLED)
March 21 Hannover, Germany Eilenridehalle (Eilenride Hall) (CANCELLED)
March 22 Münster, Germany Münsterlandhalle (CANCELLED)
March 23 Köln (Cologne), Germany Sporthalle (Sports Hall) (CANCELLED)
March 26 Offenbach, Germany Stadthalle (CANCELLED)
April 10 München (Munich), Germany Olympiahalle (Olympic Hall) (CANCELLED)
? Stockholm, Sweden (BBC - TV) Broadcast of the Coventry U.K. concert (October 4, 1975) Yes