Australian tour:
March 13 Melbourne, Australia Dallas Brooks Hall Yes
March 16 Sydney, Australia Horden Pavillion No
March 18 Auckland, New Zealand Town Hall No
March 20 Brisbane, Australia Queensland University City Hall No
March 23 Canberra, Australia Lakeside Hotel No
March 25 Adelaide, Australia Festival Hall Yes - TL vol. 20
March 26 Perth, Australia Winthrop University Hall No
March 27 Perth, Australia Winthrop University Hall No
April 2 London, England Royal Albert Hall (with BBC-FM interview) Yes - TT vol.9
April 25 Munich, Germany Saint Benno-Kirche (Saint Benno Church) No
August 16 Orange, France 'Festival Pop d'Orange 75' (Théatre Antique et Gymnase, Roman amphitheatre?) (Open air) Yes - TT vol. 22
September 14 Paris, France 'Fête de l'Humanité' ('Humanity Festival') No
September 23 Reims, France Opera House Yes
September 26 Munich, Germany Kongressaal Deutsches Museum (German Museum Congress Hall) No
British tour:      
October 4 Coventry, England Coventry Cathedral Yes - TL vol. 6
October 5 Bristol, England Colston Hall Yes - TL vol. 49
October 7 Norwich, England Saint Andreas Hall No
October 9 Sheffield, England Sheffield City Hall No
October 12 Birmingham, England Town Hall Yes - TT vol. 41 & TL vol. 49
October 13 Oxford, England Oxford Polytechnic No
October 14 Aylesbury, England Friars Vale Hall Yes - TL vol. 49
October 16 Liverpool, England Liverpool Cathedral Yes - TL vol. 15
October 17 Glasgow, Scotland Apollo Theatre Yes
October 19 Manchester, England Hardrock Club Yes - TL vol. 38
October 20 York, England York Minster Yes - TL vol. 3
October 22 London, England Olympia Theatre Yes - TT vol. 41
October 23 Croydon, England Fairfield Hall Yes - TT vol. 7
October 26 Birmingham, England Town Hall No
October 27 Sheffield, England Sheffield City Hall No
October 29 Bradford, England Saint Georges Hall No
December ? Munich, Germany Museum No
December ? ? Austria Unidentified concert dates No
December ? ? Switzerland Unidentified concert dates No
January 23 Paris, France Palais du Sport Yes
January 24 Germany Saarbrücken Universität Yes - TT vol. 13
January 26 Paris, France Nouvel Hippodrome de Paris Yes
January 29 Barcelona, Spain Parbellon Departivo Club Juventus Barcelona No
January 31 Bilboa, Spain Parbellon Municipal De Deportes Yes - TT vol. 6
February 9 Brussels, Belgium Janson University (auditorium) Yes - TT vol. 27
February 11 Amsterdam, Netherlands RAI-Congrescentrum Yes - TT vol. 55
June 5 Manchester, England Palace Theatre Yes - TT vol. 47
June 7 London, England Royal Albert Hall Yes - TT vol. 34
June 10 Brighton, England The Dome Yes - TT vol. 41
June 27 Berlin, Germany (SFB-FM) Berliner Philharmonie (Berlin Philharmonic) Yes - TT vol. 8
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June 27 Berlin, Germany (TV) Berlin Philharmonic Yes
1976 EUROPEAN TOUR (Stratosfear)
October 20 Hannover, Germany Stadthalle (Town Hall) Yes - TT vol. 41
October 21 Düsseldorf, Germany Philipshalle Yes - TT vol. 45
October 22 Hamburg, Germany Musikhalle No
October 22 Hamburg, Germany Musikhalle No
October 25 Stuttgart, Germany Liederhalle (Song Hall) No
October 26 Frankfurt, Germany Jahrhunderthalle (Century hall) No
October 27 München (Munich), Germany Circus Krone Yes - TL vol. 46
October 28 Erlangen, Germany Stadthalle (Town Hall) No
October 29 Mainz, Germany Elzer Hof Yes - TL vol. 40
October 30 Saarbrücken, Germany Kongresshalle (Congress Hall) No
October 31 Mannheim, Germany Mozartsaal (Mozart Hall) Yes
November 3 Edinburgh, Scotland Odeon Theatre Yes
November 5 Manchester, England Free Trade Centre No
November 7 Coventry, England Coventry Theater No
November 8 Nottingham, England Albert Hall Yes - TT vol 1
November 9 Portsmouth, England Guild Hall Yes - TL vol. 16
November 10 Cardiff, Wales Capital Hall No
November 12 Birmingham, England Odeon Theatre Yes - TL vol. 18
November 13 Leeds, England Leeds University Yes
November 14 Croydon, England Fairfield Hall Yes - TL vol. 23
November 15 Manchester, England Free Trade Centre Yes
November 16 Brussels, Belgium L'Anciènne Belgique Yes - TT vol. 31
November 18 Harelbeke, Belgium ? No
November 20 Colmar, France ? No
November 22 Paris, France Palais du Sport Yes - TT vol. 19
November 23 Lyon, France ? No
November 24 Poitiers, France Les Arènes de Poitiers No
November 26 Barcelona, Spain Pabellon Yes
November 27 Madrid, Spain Deportiro Real Madrid No
November 28 Toulouse, France Centre Culturel Yes
November 29 Valencia, Spain Sala Albion No
December 1 Bordeaux, France

Salle de Talence


NB: The recording in circulation which is labelled as being on this date is not in fact a 1976 concert at all, but probably a French concert between the 14th and 20th September 1975, most probably from Bordeaux on either the 19th or 20th September 1975. It is not a part of the Reims concert on 23rd September 1975 because this is different music.