Date City & country Venue Official release or fan tape exists?
January ? Berlin, Germany Technische Hochschule (cafeteria) - TD's first gig No
? Dusseldorf, Germany 'Creamcheese' Club No
September 26 ? Germany Festival 'Deutschland Erwacht - Popmusic aus deutschen Landen' No
? Munich, Germany 'Blow up' No
September 29 Essen, Germany Grugahalle 'Essener Song-Tage' Yes - TT vol. 59
? Berlin, Germany 'Zodiac Club' & 'Litfass' & 'Sule' (different dates in summer 1968) No
? Kassel, Germany 'Documenta IV' (opening concert with member Bernhard Hoke) No
? Port Lligat, Spain Music for the inauguration of the 'Christ Statue' by Salvadore Dali No
? Berlin, Germany Happenings in Forum Theatre Berlin with Bernhard Hoke No
? Frankfurt, Germany Theater am Turm (TAT) No
October 11 Essen, Germany Pop & Blues Festival No
? Frankfurt, Germany Magic Cave Club (several dates) No
December 13 Berlin, Germany Technische Universität, Audimax No
February 6 Berlin, Germany Studentenhaus Steinplatz No
February 7 Berlin, Germany Studentenhaus Steinplatz No
February 8 Berlin, Germany Studentenhaus Steinplatz No
April 12 Berlin, Germany Sportpalast No
? Frankfurt, Germany 'Experimenta' exhibition No
? Berlin, Germany (SFB - TV) - 'Konzert bei Hofe' ('Music at the Court', Old Bavaria House, Potsdamer Straße 24) No
September 1 Berlin, Germany Haus der Jugend (Bocklerpark-7.30pm) No
October 10 Kapfenberg, Austria 'Flipper-Concert' (also shown on Austrian TV) No
? Berlin, Germany Zodiac Club No
? Berlin, Germany Quasimodo No
? Berlin, Germany FM Radio 'Ultima Thule Improvisation' (not a concert) Yes - TT vol. 36
June 7 Berlin, Germany Auditorium der Kongresshalle (Congress Hall Auditorium) (planned for Planetarium) No
June 19 Frankfurt, Germany University Yes - TL vol. 36
June 25 Ossiach, Austria 'Welt Musik Festival' ('World Music Festival') Yes - Ossiach Live & TT vol. 59
? Aachen, Germany Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Universität No
(German tour in
November was cancelled)
? Vienna, Austria Concert House No
March 27 Berlin, Germany Schöneberg Planetarium (Astrodome) No
April 26 Berlin, Germany (RIAS-FM) 'Klang Collage', SFB Studios (Masurenallee) (with Ashra Tempel, Popol Vuh and Amon Düül) (not a concert, TD supplied about 17 minutes of original music to the radio station) Yes
July 7 Berlin, Germany University (Audimax) No
November 25 Cologne, Germany (WDR-FM) Großer Sendesaal (broadcasting house) 'Nachtmusik im WDR, Klangwald' ('Night Music in the WDR, Sound Forest') Yes - TT vol. 52
December 2 Berlin, Germany Akademie der Künste (Academy of Arts) (multi-media show) No
? Brussels, Belgium 'Palais des Beaux Arts' Einladung Goethe-Institute No
? Brussels, Belgium 'Deutsche Bibliothek' ( 'German Library') Einladung Goethe-Institute (by Invitation of the Goethe Institute) No
February 15 Paris, France Theatre de L' Ouest (with Ash Ra Tempel and Klaus Schulze) No
February 16 Paris, France Theatre de L' Ouest ('Western Theatre') No
May 20 Ponts de Ce, France Open air festival Yes - TT vol. 41 & TL vol. 17
July 3 Lyon, France ? No
August 22 Paris, France (Froese, Franke, Schulze) No
August 24 La Rochelle, France (in an inflated warm air tent) No
August 25 Roanne, France 'L'Arc en Ciel' (The Rainbow) No
August 27 Ratingen, Germany 'Blauer See' ('Blue Lake') No
November 29 Berlin, Germany (RIAS - FM) 'Deutsch-Rock - Musikportraits von der Inlandszene' ('German Rock - music portraits from the local scene'), Deutschlandhalle ('Germany Hall') Yes - TT vol. 23
? Mönchengladbach, Germany Gymnasium (a type of secondary school) No
April 9 (29?) London, England (BBC-FM) 'Top Gear' Yes
June 16 London, England Victoria Palace Theatre (the band's first U.K. concert) No
August 18 Chichester, England Festival Theatre No
August 21 Salisbury, England City Hall (this concert was advertised in 1974 but at the time of writing it has not yet been proved that it actually took place) No
August 22 London, England (BBC - FM) (TV ?) - 'Oedipus Tyrannus' (from the Chicester Festival) Yes - TT vol. 41
August 29 London, England (BBC - FM) (TV ?) - 'Oedipus Tyrannus' (from the Chicester Festival) Yes
October ? Dusseldorf, Germany ? No
October 13 Berlin, Germany Nationalgalerie (National Gallery) 'MetaMusik Festival' Yes - TT vol. 41 & TL vol. 49
1974 British tour:      
October 26 London, England Rainbow Theatre No
October 29 Sheffield, England City Hall Yes - TT vol. 2
October 30 Birmingham, England Town Hall Yes
November 2 Liverpool, England Liverpool Stadium Yes
November 4 Manchester, England Free Trade Hall No
November 6 London, England North East Polytechnic No
November 8 Brighton, England The Dome No
November 9 Plymouth, England Guildhall No
November 10 Paignton, England Festival Hall No
November 16 Cambridge, England Corn Exchange No
November 17 Guildford, England Civic Hall No
November 19 Edinburgh, Scotland Caley Cinema No
November 20 Glasgow, Scotland Kelvin Hall Yes - TL vol. 51
November 22 Southampton, England Southampton University No
November 23 Southend, England Kuursal Hall No
November 26 Bradford, England Saint Georges Hall Yes - TT vol.41 & TL vol. 47
November 29 Cardiff, Wales Cardiff University No
November 30 Bristol, England Colston Hall No
December 1 Leicester, England De Montfort Hall No
December 4 Newcastle, England Newcastle City Hall No
December 13 Reims, France Reims Cathedral Yes - TT vol. 30
December 13 Reims, France Reims Cathedral (radio broadcast) Yes